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Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance invites all shops and mall operators in
Hong Kong to join hands and build a green retail environment!


Let's Get Ready for MSW Charging
Let's Get Ready for MSW Charging - Mr KS WONG
Let's Get Ready for MSW Charging - Mr Kenny WONG

Green Map plots the locations of participated malls and shops under the HKGSA. Check out these green spots before for your shopping journey!


New spearhead forces from KFC and Pizza Hut
HKGSA Awards Presentation Ceremony | 18 Dec, 2018
Sharing Energy Saving Practices across industries | 22 Oct, 2018
Promoting HKGSA to the Catering Industry | 19 Jun, 2018
Bridge you up with the Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance
“I Recycle. Glass Bottle” Glass Management Service | 7 Mar, 2018
We are Ready: Retail Industry Shows Commitment to MSW Charging
Knowledge Sharing for Better E-waste Management in Retail Industry


Promotes Healthy and Sustainable Living in Tong Chong Street Market | Swire Properties
Reverse Vending Machine with Rewards Scheme | Landmark North
Food waste decomposer to handle leftover | Plaza Hollywood
320 Sets of Photovoltaics installed | Harbour City
Innovative smart water station | Hysan Place
Self-Sustainable Water Cycle System | THE FOREST
Make Food Donations for Good Cause | AEON
A Garden in the Heart of the City | THE FOREST


Renewable Energy Solution Supports YMCA Community Services | CLP
Smart Tips for Sustainable Use of Water Resources | Water Supplies Department
Green Mid-Autumn Festival Food Saving Pledge | Food Grace | Sep 2018
Implementation of the WPRS | EPD | 1 Aug, 2018
Implementation of the WPRS | EPD | 4 May, 2018


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