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Shopping with a sustainable mindset is crucial. HKGSA suggests the following ways for all green hearts out there!

1. Bring your Own Bag, Bottle and Utensils

Shop with your own reusable bag whenever possible as every little action counts. When ordering take-away, stop asking for disposable forks, spoons and chopsticks but bring along your own set of utensils, including cup or bottle. To quench your thirst, check out free water spots from Water For Free with over 1,300 locations to refill your water bottle.

2. Visit Green Malls

Check out our Green Map for malls and shops which are putting green efforts for a more sustainable shopping environment. There are also HKGSA stickers or tent cards placed within those premises. Visiting these locations symbolises your recognition towards their contributions.

3. Shop at Companies with Sustainable Values

Consider a store’s green efforts before spending your money. For instance, for those outlets which advocate “use-your-own-food-container” shall be a reason to go-for. Look for the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) always and of course, go for places with the HKGSA sticker as recognition.

4. Watch out for Green Initiatives

The number of organisations that are striving for sustainability and more eco-friendly lifestyles is increasing. Check out News and Events pages for the latest green initiatives which devoted to the greener shopping environment and its sustainability. You may also get yourself familiar with what Green Groups or NGOs are striving for from here, echo projects which interested you and be part of the green peeps!

 We’d also love to hear what ideas you have to be a green shopper. Write to us now at [email protected].

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