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1. Preliminary Assessment

All information submitted by the participants will be reviewed according to the assessment criteria of the Award. The Organiser will then shortlist the finalists for Final Assessment. 

2. Final Assessment

A Judging Panel will review the entries. In the final assessment, finalists will be invited to deliver a face-to-face presentation on their submitted cases, followed by a Q&A session. The Judging Panel is comprised of distinguished representatives from the Organiser, government departments, industry associations, professional bodies and supporting organisations, etc. The decision of the Judging Panel shall be final.  

Judging Criteria

Green Mall / Shop of the Year (Category 1 & 2)
Environmental Effectiveness & Impact
Quantifiable results focusing on the Six Green Aspects and any intangible impacts that have had long-term effects on the business and/or society and transcended current industry practices.
Innovation / Uniqueness
A significant or unique departure from existing conventional approaches and/or the development of innovative and transformative methods in an industry breakthrough.
Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
Actively promote sustainability and effectively communicate the efforts to various stakeholders through information sharing and feedback collection, training, internal and external campaigns, publicity programme etc.
Continuity & Scalability

Potential for long-term viability and expansion of scale to create an even greater impact.
Collaborative Project of the Year (Category 3)

Environmental Impacts
Demonstrate an understanding of a pressing environmental problem / issue and provide quantifiable results showing a positive impact on business performance or society.
Collaboration & Partnership
Demonstrate active collaboration with stakeholders, resulting in synergies that generate sustainable impacts and shared value creation among stakeholders.
Social Impacts

Creation of specific and long-term social impacts for the business and/or society, including well-being, inclusivity, ethical business, etc.
Innovation / Creativity
A significant departure from conventional practices and/or involved highly creative and innovative practices to deliver effective messaging and outcomes.

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