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Collaborative Project of the year – Behavioural Change: A Reference Case from Netherlands Ekoplaza Foodmarqt

HKGSA Award strive to foster stronger collaboration between shopping mall operators and shop tenants, promoting the creation of a greener shopping environment in our city. This year, a new award category, Collaborative Project of the year – Behavioural Change, has been introduced to encourage retailers to drive environmental awareness, sustainable actions and behavioural changes among customers, employees, or the public. The successful overseas case of Ekoplaza Foodmarqt, a Dutch supermarket chain, can serve as a reference for entrants.

Ekoplaza Foodmarqt is renowned for its sustainable entrepreneurship, offering locally sourced organic products. In 2018, they launched the world's first plastic-free aisle in Amsterdam, providing nearly 700 plastic-free products, including meat, rice, sauces, dairy products, snacks, fresh fruits, and vegetables. By using compostable bioplastics and alternative materials like paper bags, cardboard, glass, and metal, they successfully reduced plastic usage while maintaining a familiar supermarket experience, making it easier for the general public to adapt and choose sustainable options.

In recent years, the brand remains committed to its mission, introducing initiatives such as establishing plastic-free zones in their 75 stores and partnering with Wisselwaar on a deposit glass jar system for reusable containers. Their efforts have inspired other supermarkets to support container deposit schemes, collectively combatting plastic waste and transforming customers' shopping habits.

Industry leadership and support play a crucial role in driving behavioral changes, making green shopping more convenient and effortless. If you have launched new retail initiatives this year to promote behavioral change among stakeholders, don't miss the opportunity to showcase your achievements by applying for the Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance Award 2023 in the " Collaborative Project of the Year - Behavioral Change" category on or before before October 5, 2023!



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