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How Green Can a Meal of Fish and Chips Be?

Chip In Fish & Chips is dedicated to the concept of ‘Quality Fast Food’, namely that fast food shouldn’t just be quick and convenient, but also high quality – not only in terms of taste, but also by helping to make the world more sustainable.


For instance, the shop’s fish is MSC-certified Atlantic Cod, which ensures that it is caught from marine sustainable fishing. Its chips are likewise made from non-genetic-modified Belgian potatoes, which helps support ecological harmony and environmental wellbeing. Every meal is also cooked-to-order to avoid food wastage. Indeed, thanks to a well-designed menu that emphasises the clever use of ingredients, the shop achieves almost 0% wastage in its food preparation. This attention to detail is also reflected in its use of packaging: its wooden forks and paper boxes are all FSC-certified to protect forests. Unnecessary cutlery, such as wooden knives and straws, are only available on request, which further slashes wastage. Bio-degradable plastic is used wherever possible, including in all plastic bags, plastic containers, coffee lids and straws, and every procurement decision is guided by the 3R principle to reduce, reuse, and recycle. For instance, Chip In Fish & Chips considers the question ‘Do we really need it?’ before procuring coffee stirrers or napkins. When considering drinks in cans rather than plastic bottles, the question is ‘Can it be easily recycled?’ Questions like these not only help to reduce waste, they can also save money!

In winning its Gold Award at the HKGSA Award 2022, Chip In Fish & Chips has demonstrated that something as simple as fish and chips can not only make a difference to consumers’ health, but also the environment, the eco-system and the entire planet.


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