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Award Category

The HKGSA Award 2023 is open to all malls, chain stores and individual shops in Hong Kong.

The award is available in three categories, with a revamp introduced in 2023 to further enhance the award structure and better tailor the award to the operational nature of malls and shops in the local retail industry.

Green Mall / Shop of the Year

This category recognises outstanding malls and shops who have demonstrated exceptional leadership efforts in driving environmental sustainability in the Six Green Aspects advocated by the HKGSA. Applicants should select the award category according to their business type.

Award Category
Award Recognition
 Cat 1 Green Mall of the Year
  • Green Mall/Shop of the Year Award
  • Certificate(s) of Excellence
  • Pioneering Award (subject to judging panel’s decision)

 Cat 2 Green Shop of the Year

Remarks: This is the revamped version of the 2022 Award Category 1 & 2 - Best Green Practice in Malls / Shops

Collaborative Project of the Year - Circular Economy / Behavioural Change

This category recognises innovative and creative projects that mobilise stakeholders to achieve sustainability improvements in one of the two designated themes.

Collaborations between malls and tenants are highly encouraged, and bonus points will be awarded to applicable projects (See Bonus Points section for more details). Partnerships with other stakeholders, such as customers, employees, suppliers, local communities, etc., are also welcome.

Award Category
Award Recognition
 Cat 3 Collaborative Project of the Year

With focus on:
  1. Circular Economy
  2. Behavioural Change
  • Collaborative Project of the Year (Circular Economy/ Behavioural Change)
Remarks: This is the revamped version of the 2022 Award Category 3 - Best Collaborative Effort of Malls and Shops

a) Circular Economy

Entries should demonstrate the implementation of a circular flow of resources with their retail partners. Entrants are expected to showcase business models / campaigns / measures that have achieved effective regeneration of resources (including long-life optimal use, reuse, refurbishment, recycling, renewable energy, etc).

b) Behavioural Change

Entries should showcase a green partnership project (e.g., a marketing awareness campaign or community collaboration) that has driven environmental awareness, and led to sustainable actions and behavioural changes among customers, employees or the public.

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